hey, i'm hollyanne


I first began my blogging journey on other peoples blogs, in the gaming space. I grew up gaming and playing competitively as a child and young teen before working in the gaming industry. I was on staff for various companies as their Community Manager, and I wrote reviews for many game developers. I was also the lead writer for the gaming section of the newspaper at my Alma matter, San Diego State University. I worked in the gaming industry as a multi-media personality doing everything from podcasts, on camera interviews with developers, speaking on panels, streaming, and more...all while modeling and even competing in Miss California to win, "Most Inspiring". It was such an incredible time in my life and I learned so much. I worked in the industry from 2012 until 2017 before becoming pregnant with my first son, Ezekiel. 



I then took my love of writing and began implementing it on Instagram while combining my love of photography and taking photos of my new baby. It then developed into a space for me to connect and encourage other moms. As a military spouse, I have also had the privilege of speaking to motherhood with that unique lens. It has been a beautiful and fulfilling space for me and has given me opportunities I never could have imagined. 


I began taking my role as an influencer seriously in December of 2019, just five months after welcoming my second son, Zane. I have continued to grow my community while working alongside some incredible brands. I feel so fortunate to do what I love and for all of the amazing friendships that have come along with it. I continue to learn all I can and apply it to what I do on Instagram. I share my resources and knowledge with everyone freely in the hopes that they too can live their dream. 


Although I do not know where this blogging journey will take me, I look forward to having another space of my own where I hope to continue to make a difference for moms everywhere.

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